"Meet Me In The Cloud"


Live Zoom Performance, resulting in a multichannel video installation 

Duration: 44 minute video

Recent and upcoming exhibitions of this project includes:

2021, Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx, NY

2020, Sindiket Project, Baltimore, MD


Meet Me In The Cloud is a recording of a five part zoom performance that I originally presented live via zoom on December 4, 2020. The performance, now reconfigured as a multichannel video installation, is meant to serve as a time capsule of a fraught moment in U.S. history -- isolation brought through a global pandemic, uprisings for Black lives, an economic downturn, a tense election year. Mining the digital realm as raw material, I created a compilation of experimental gestures as an inquiry into my overarching question: "how does one survive the perceived apocalypse that is 2020?" This video project is an expansion on my interdisciplinary practice, which utilizes collage, video, installation, and performance to investigate the relationship between the body, archives, and sites, this time using the internet as a point of contention.